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Nipple Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors Lash Tattoos
Permanent Eyelash Engancements

By Rose Marie Beauchemin

To create the illusion of thicker, darker lashes in the spa...

Following the global interest in achieving fuller, more natural brows, fuller lashes have become the object of widespread desire

Beau Institute featured on Fox29 News

Fox 29 Gets a close up on how Microblading Fusion can produce confidence at the Beau Institute

Nipple Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors How tattoo arts are making breast cancer survivors feel whole again

By Brandon Baker | Philly Voice Staff Aug 2016

Bucks County native Janine, at 42, had just undergone a double mastectomy to treat her breast cancer. About to shower for the first time since the procedure, she found herself in her bathroom, unpeeling bandages from her breasts, staring in the mirror, horrified...

Permanent Makeup for Scalps Permanent Makeup for Scalps
Creating the Ultimate Illusion of Hair with Micropigmentation
By Rose Marie Beauchemin | Les Nouvelles Aug 2016

Permanent makeup has become an increasingly sought after service for both men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. After all, thicker hair denotes youth while thin, stringy hair gives one an aged look. Although .....

Permanent Makeup for Men Permanent Makeup for Men
Enhancing male allure with cosmetic tattoos
By Rose Marie Beauchemin | Les Nouvelles July 2016

Well-groomed eyebrows are no longer only sought after by women. More men are now focused on maintaining their brows without the feminine look of over tweezing or being overdone.....

Micropigmentation Creates 21st Century Beauty Marks Let's Get Real
Go high definition with 3D eyebrows!
By Rose Marie Beauchemin

Permanent cosmetic techniques have continuously evolved, particularly in the application of eyebrows. Hard-edged, solid eyebrows are a thing of the past. Today, the realism of high definition eyebrows — also referred to as 3D — is requested by nearly all permanent makeup eyebrow clients....

Micropigmentation Creates 21st Century Beauty Marks Inspired Glamour
Micropigmentation Creates 21st Century Beauty Marks
By Rose Marie Beauchemin

Throughout history, celebrity beauty marks have been the envy of countless women. From Marylyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford to Eva Mendes, women have long admired and tried to emulate this look. When located in the right place, they are said to make a face look alluring and sexy....

Create permanent natural pout Pinch Of Youth
How to Create a Permanently Beautiful Natural Pout
By Rose Marie Beauchemin

Nude color tattooing for the lips is a cutting-edge trend in permanent makeup that's rapidly exploding in popularity! This procedure re-establishes the lip shape and blends into the client's natural lip color, defining a full and flattering pout without an obvious lip line, an effect that's illuminated by clear or tinted gloss...

Beau Institute Day Of Hope, Channel 6 Breast cancer survivors offered complimentary tattoos in Mount Laurel

Featured on ABC Action News
- October 28th, 2015

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. -- Breast cancer survivors were treated to something very special Wednesday in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

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Meet Beau Institute
The Beauty of Hope
Mount Laurel business helps breast cancer survivors
By: Kristen Coppock

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics is holding its fifth annual "Day of Hope" for women who have undergone mastectomies.


Dee DiFabio of Cherry Hill (left) listens as owner Rose Marie Beauchemin goes over the tattooing procedure.

Cancer cost Dee DiFabio her breasts, but the disease only temporarily stole her confidence.

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Natural Looking Permanent Makeup

"The New Profit Center"


Rose Marie Beauchemin Article Featured in the December Issue of Natural Looking Permanent Makeup.


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SJ Magazine Business Spotlight

Rose Marie Business Spotlight, November 2014 Issue of South Jersey Magazine


Mount Laurel's Beau Institute helps breast cancer survivors feel whole again!


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Rose Marie Down Under - Seminar in Sydney, Austrialia
08-11 -2011-08-15
Associate of Cosmetic Tattoo Inc. or A.C.T. is holding their annual convention in August with invited guest, Rose Marie Beauchemin as their keynote speacker and trainer. 2 Day Cosmetic Tattoo Seminar being held August 15h & 16th 2011.

The Tattooed nipples, looking so real
07-11 -2011-07-27
Areola Complex tattooing for breast cancer survivors.

Philadelphia Business Journal
03-11 -2011-03-15
Friday May 7, 2010 : Beau Institute and the art of permanent makeup

Names to Know
07-10 -2010-07-15
SJ Magazine July 2010

Courier Post Article
03-10 -2010-03-29
Living Health & Wellness Article published by the Courier Post: A two-time breast cancer survivor, whoe endured two reconstructions, seeks cosmetic procedure that adds "The Finishing Touch".

Press Release
01-10 -2010-01-02
Beau Institute has become a leader in the Field of Permanent Cosmetics



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