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Digital 1000: Reliable and Consistent

The new design is the first thing that catches your eye. Its rounded edges, flat design and no seams are not for aesthetic reasons but mainly for hygienic reasons, eliminating opportunities for dirt to get trapped. The panel has sensi-touch buttons that respond to the touch of a finger, which completely protects them against wear and tear.

Nouveau Contour Intelligent

Analogue vs. Digital

The Digital 1000 offers many advantages over traditional, analogue devices, including its digital technology base which ensures a stable needle frequency, despite fluctuations in current. All insertions are of exactly the same size and always evenly spaced, resulting in a more beautiful and higher permanent make-up quality. The Digital 1000 is a reliable and highly consistent device that delivers excellent results in lower treatment times, no matter what cosmetic micropigmentation treatment is chosen.

Safety Hand Piece

The Digital 1000 comes standard with the Safety hand piece. The hand piece is equipped with a patented Safety Needle Cartridge. The quality and stability of the hand piece will be instantly noticeable. The unique ‘Easy-Turn Depth’ system allows you to easily set the needle depth by simply turning the ring on the hand piece. The needle length can be set in fractions of millimeters, depending on the skin type and selected treatment technique. The hand piece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light for comfortable use. There are 16 different needle formations available for the Digital 1000 device.


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The Digital 1000 machine. provides optimal results in less time. The digital control (microprocessor) assures stable needle frequency resulting in perfect pigment color retention. Touch-ups have become almost obsolete.

The Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 is the most efficient device available and has many advantages over the traditional analog devices.

With traditional devices, the needle frequency will drop when penetrating skin that is more resistant. Due to different needle frequencies the distance between the pigment "dots" will vary. The results are inconsistent lines and poor color retention.

The digital control unit of the Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 assures a stable needle frequency, despite the resistance of the skin. When resistance of the skin occurs, the microprocessor will adjust the needle frequency accordingly. To make a simple analogy, imagine what occurs when you place your car on cruise control, when the car reaches an incline in the road, it speeds up maintaining a consistent and preset speed. In a similar manner the digital control unit will always maintain a stable needle frequency. The Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 provides the technician with consistent quality and excellent results. The device is designed with "Soft-touch" buttons that provides an easy and hygienic cleaning of the machine surface.
This device comes with a 2 year warranty on the hand piece and a three year warranty on the control unit from its original purchase date.


Purchase Now and receive 10 FREE Face Inks Pigments along with FREE Shipping!


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