Permanent Make-Up Courses

Welcome to The Beau Institute Primary Training resource guide. On this site, you will find everything you are looking for to begin your rewarding and exciting career in transforming lives.

Primary Permanent Makeup Training:

There is no pre-requisite for this training! With permanent makeup, you will be entering the most gratifying and confidence building career of your life. Whether it is restoring the natural beauty to a woman’s face with permanent makeup or by areola tattooing on a woman’s breast following a mastectomy, you will change her life.

Our graduates have boundless opportunities, all which have proven to be lucrative. They may choose to work in a medical practice, Medi-spa, salon (where legal), tattoo shop, become a free-standing entity, or any combination thereof. Beau Institute offers continuous support in your business development. A marketing segment is delivered during your Primary Training to insure your full understanding of these options and approaches for a successful business.

Permanent Makeup Annual Earnings Potential How much can I make? revenue – fee x 52 weeks

Permanent Makeup Annual Earnings Potential

Start earning your way to financial freedom

– Income based on Procedures Per Week

Cost/Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedures 4 Procedures 6 Procedures 10 Procedures
 $550  $27,500  $55,000  $110,000  $165,000  $275,000
 $650  $32,500  $65,500  $130,000  $195,000  $325,000
 $800  $40,000  $80,000  $160,000  $240,000  $400,000

The Beau Institute offers the most comprehensive program developed by owner and director of education, Rose Marie Beauchemin. Rose Marie is a pioneer and leader in the permanent makeup industry with over 25 years of experience in training successful practitioners from around the globe. The curriculum clearly demonstrates safety and sanitation, color theory and techniques that allow you to achieve the effects of hair simulation, soft and natural powdery finishes on eyebrows, various styles of eyeliner, and lip lining and full lip color. During training, students will be provided with supplies as well as the opportunity to work with Nouveau Contour machines and needles. Our program follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Micropigmentation which are 6 days, 100 hours of training that include both home study, classroom, and practical study and All our trainers are Certificated Micropigmentation Instructors (CMI) under the AAM.

Additionally, The Beau Institute provides the necessary Apprenticeship Program for NJ graduates, but all are welcome to expand their training with an apprenticeship. Requirements for training and apprenticeship program vary per state,

*Please note it is the trainee’s responsibility to contact all of their state and local board of health agencies regarding the rules and regulations for permanent cosmetics in their area.

Selecting the right certified permanent makeup instructor is critical. To learn more about what to look for when selecting an instructor please review our FAQ’s. Beau Institute has built its world-wide reputation on both its progressive and comprehensive training program as well as the continued support of its graduates. As a Beau family member, you will be offered our open-door policy to observe during any of scheduled primary trainings.

The Beau Institute offers you superior training utilizing proven teaching methods, manuals, handouts, hands on experience with live models, and a life-long relationship that includes support and advancement through your entire permanent makeup career.
We believe education and training our essential to your success. Continuing education and advanced technique classes are scheduled regularly at The Beau Institute to help you expand your knowledge and introduce additional services to your practice.

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