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Permanent Cosmetics for Men

For Men Too!
While makeup is most often associated with women, there are some procedures that are popular with men. Men are excellent candidates for permanent makeup because once the procedure is finished, they do not have to spend time on that part of their grooming regimen.


Men are just as interested in their appearance as women are. However, just like some women, some men are often not as willing to spend the time and effort needed to apply cosmetic products on a regular basis.


One permanent makeup procedure that is popular with men is permanent brow enhancement. For those men who have rather sparse eyebrows and want a more distinguished look, permanent eyebrows can help. In contrast to women who in some cases want to have their brows appear thinner, men often want a fuller look for their eyebrows. Permanent eyebrows can be applied in such a way that the brows appear fuller and yet still look natural.

Microbladed Eyebrows
Immediately After


Microbladed Eyebrows
Immediately After


Eyebrow Procedure
Before & After Procedure


Eyeliner Procedure
Before & After Procedure


Areola Nipple Tattooing
Before Procedure - Male bilateral mastectomyage
After Procedure Areola complex tattooing




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