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I’d like to begin by saying you don’t want to make your selection based on proximity. Beau Institute: How to Select a TrainerDo not allow convenience to dictate this serious decision. You have read repeatedly throughout our site that we have trainees come to us from around the globe. This is because we are deeply committed to bringing you the finest education.

Our dedicated voice to this profession has been heard around the world. We hear over and over again in every one of our advanced classes, “I wish I had come here, first.”

Often, practitioners will even repeat it 3 to 4 times in a day. We hear them tell our Primary Trainees that they were so fortunate to have started with The Beau Institute.


Getting complete and comprehensive Primary Training will set the stage for your level of confidence in your first procedures. Safety measures are built into every procedure. Proper training in cross contamination is necessary to insure that you and your clients remain safe.


Before you leave your indelible mark on someone, be sure you are doing so in the safest, most professional manner and with the most knowledge you can possibly acquire. Your clients/patients deserve this.


Here are a few suggestions.


1. Call the prospective training institute a few times to see how your calls will be handled. If you continually connect with a machine rather than a live person, this may indicate that you are not able to reach your trainer with a problem or when you need important information. Also, use caution if you can only reach an answering center for the company.


Continued support is critical for new practitioners and Beau Institute has a trained staff available from 9AM-5PM, Monday through Friday and via email 24 hours a day. We welcome photographs of open cases that you may have in question. You will be answered promptly with suggestions by myself, our director or a qualified staff member. Our staff is trained in color and technical application of all procedures.


2. Be sure the Master Trainer of the program you have in question has been practicing for more than 5 years and has established a sizable practice. No trainer can teach a marketing or business segment without ever establishing a flourishing practice.


3. Be sure the Master Trainer is a member of at least one of the industry’s non-profit organizations.


4. Ask what the maximum number of trainees in each class is. If there are more than 2 in a Primary Training Class, there must be additional trainers. Our maximum enrollment dictates 4 trainees with 2 trainers (1 trainer for every 2 students).


Avoid all programs that have more than 2 trainees to each trainer or those that insist they can teach 10 to 20 or 50 people in a class. Ask how many models are being worked on at one time with any one trainer. The response you are looking for is one trainer is supervising one trainee at a time.


5. Be sure to register for a 100-Hour program. This is not a profession where you shop for a shorter, corner cutting program. You will shortchange yourself and only add unwarranted stress, due to a lack of information.


6. Ask for referrals. There is nothing more reliable than hearing about the trainer/trainers from someone that has spent their hard-earned money on a program.


7. Don’t be sold! Use caution when a trainer wants to attract you with a very low tuition. They may have all the flash but the intention may be to sell you 100 pigment shades along with a slew of unnecessary ancillary products when you graduate. We hear these horror stories, so often, and I feel so badly for these people.


About Rose Marie BeaucheminYou get what you pay for and what you don’t need is to be overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ when you return from your training. We have built a reputation of trust in this profession because our graduates leave with only what they need to get started and then order additional products as they need them.


I personally find overselling to be abominable. Our philosophy has proven itself. The Beau Institute family has grown strongly and steadily throughout the years.


We look forward in assisting you in launching your new career.

Rose Marie -





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