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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Your Success is Our Success!!!




My heart was filled with great joy and tremendous pride, seeing so many of Beau graduates at the SPCP Conference in Philadelphia.
 It felt like a Beau grand reunion and hearing about your successes in the permanent makeup profession just placed things over the top, for me.
I believe it to be unanimous that Karen Betts’s eyebrow class was brilliant and so incredibly educational. I loved every minute of it. Classes the second day were also exciting and so informative. For me, when I have the opportunity to just be able to attend classes, without manning a booth, I am thrilled. I love having the ability to see what my peers are doing and how they do it.  It is awe inspiring.
I encourage all of Beau’s graduates to attend the upcoming SPCP Conference, in Las Vegas, April 2015.  You will make new friends, learn new techniques and enjoy being with professionals from all over the world. SeptAreola
Continuing education is a must – we are never finished learning!
I would have written sooner but I took a vacation with my family that I never dreamed was possible. I am so blessed and grateful for this gift.
Rose Marie Beauchemin

Permanent Makeup Artists as well as Tattoo Artists, are working with plastic surgeons to create the realistic effects of 3-D areola tattooing

Permanent Makeup Artists as well as Tattoo Artists, are working with plastic surgeons to create the realistic effects of 3-D areola tattooing. Here, at Beau Institute, we offer this specialized training and prepare these artists to enter into this most rewarding extension of their career.

Why has the 3-D areola tattooing become more in demand? There are a few developments that have increased this demand. Most significant and disturbing is the growing number of breast cancers being diagnosed. It is staggering and the blessing is we are seeing so many lives saved by today’s medicine. Another factor is the increased use of radiation. This often compromises the breast tissue and can prevent the option of a nipple graft. Also, many survivors just say they didn’t want to go through another surgical procedure and simply opt for the 3-D areola tattoo. Many women feel a grafted nipple could show through their clothing if they were not wearing a bra. They enjoy going without a bra since they truly don’t need one. Lastly, the reconstructive breast surgeons are seeking artists to accommodate their patients and compliment their skillful and beautiful surgeries.
IMG_3125Combined, these make for an exciting career, filled with gratification. Creating the 3-D effect, which includes mimicking Montgomery Glands and the creation and protrusion of a nipple is just an amazing effect. Our clients tell us they feel familiar, once again, and their breasts look so real and natural. They express to us how they feel more confident and more feminine.
                Since we are a training institute, with ongoing classes, we DO NOT CHARGE FOR AREOLA TATTOOING. We also find many women that were reconstructed years ago just never completed their journey with areola tattooing. They had just had it and couldn’t bring themselves to do one more thing. Insurance may have changed, surgeons have moved or retired and they would have to pay out-of-pocket for this procedure. It gives us great pleasure to be able to offer this completion at no charge.