image002 (4)This blog is from Guest Blogger – Maria Concepcion – Assistant Trainer and Practitioner at the Beau Institute

It sure can. The first thing is placement. Test the placement of your beauty mark on different areas of your face. You can test placement before you apply your full makeup. You can place a beauty mark below your left eye or your right eye directly above your cheek bone.

 image004 (1)Or you can place one on your right cheek or your left cheek. Or you can place one above your lips (left or right side). Or below your lips (left or right side). You can also place a beauty mark about a half inch to an inch from the corner of your lips. (left or right side).

Be careful with this placement because when you smile you don’t want your beauty mark in the crease of you smile. It’s best to use a dark pencil, either a dark brown, brown/black or black pencil.

image006 (1)

Place the point of your pencil on your skin and turn it clockwise and counter clockwise. Repeat the process if you want your beauty mark bigger and/or darker. Don’t make it too big. You don’t want your beauty mark to overpower your face. You want it to compliment your face and your makeup. One beauty mark will make you look sexy even two. Anything more than that will make you look too spotty or freckled.

Once you find your perfect placement for your beauty mark, consider having it permanently tattooed at the Beau Institute!

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This blog is from Guest Blogger – Maria Concepcion – Assistant Trainer and Practioner at the Beau Institute
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