3D Areola Tattooing for Breast Cancer Survivors

Oncologists and plastic surgeons from far and wide refer patients to us. The Beau Institute helps post-mastectomy clients regain a more natural appearance with realistic areola tattoos and scar camouflage.

Rose Marie is also known for her non-grafted areola tattooing, where referring doctors create a nipple from the breast mound utilizing a skate or star flap procedure and eliminate an areola graft. Often, without the circular scar of the grafted areola, a more diffused effect can be achieved. These procedures are great confidence builders and complete this restorative process, both physically and emotionally.

We also offer these services at no charge during our Annual Beau Day of Hope or during our monthly Advanced Training classes for professionals.

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Due to the sensitive and personal nature of this procedure, we can not make photos available on this page. Please complete the form below to request before and after images of this procedure.