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Permanent Eyebrows

Make a statement with a strong, beautiful brow.

There are many causes of brow hair loss: age, stress and overplucking, to name a few. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfectly-shaped eyebrows you have always wanted. Whether you suffer from brow hair loss or you are just looking to enhance the look and shape of your brows, permanent makeup is a fantastic solution.

At the Beau Institute, our practitioners create soft, subtle eyebrows using advanced techniques in hair simulation and shading. Rose Marie Beauchemin Verzella, known as the ‘Queen of Brows,’ uses and trains our practitioners and students in her exclusive CPR (Control Point Remedy) method, which lifts and defines brows while still maintaining a natural-looking appearance. Our detailed application lends movement, depth and dimension to our client’s brows.

With permanent eyebrows, you will never again wake up in the morning and struggle to match up your arches or worry about reapplying throughout the day. You will have beautiful brows 24/7!


Permanent Lip Color and Lip Reshaping


Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color can wake up any face. In most women, lips will tend to appear smaller with age. With permanent lip color, lips can be made to appear slightly or dramatically fuller and these results are extremely feminine and youthful.


Permanent Eyeliner

Imagine smudge-free eyeliner, 24/7

Permanent eyeliner stays where regular over-the-counter makeup can’t even go: between the lashes. The Beau Institute is world-renowned for its beautiful and transformative permanent makeup procedures, including permanent eyeliner.

Whether you are looking for a more dramatic eyeliner or a lash enhancement, our practitioners will work with you to design a permanent eyeliner look that matches your taste and flatters your eye shape. Our state-of-the-art lash enhancement technique places pigment precisely between the lashes to lift and lengthen, while creating a natural frame for your eyes. We use topical anesthetic to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the entirety of the application.

These procedures are a favorite among clients who suffer from allergies and those with contact lens sensitivities, along with anyone who feels like they are constantly on the go. Hit the gym, swim a few laps or take a long shower, and you still come out with liner as fierce as you are.

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