Permanent Makeup Training for Medical Professionals

Beau Institute has provided training programs for medical professionals from around the globe for the past 20 years, in both areola complex tattooing and permanent make up.

Areola Complex Tattoo Training Program

Our Areola Complex Tattoo Training Program is an extraordinary program that includes: color theory, color selection, proper needle selection and techniques that allow the professional to create the illusion of a nipple even in its absence or create the illusion of a more extended nipple.

Professionals learn how to create a perfect match in the case of a unilateral mastectomy, subtle and diffused perimeters that appear completely natural on bilateral cases and scar camouflage for patients with residual scarring from mastopexy, augmentation or mastectomy.

We have trained all levels of medical professionals from these and many other hospitals, universities and surgical centers. These are just a few: University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Long Island Plastic Surgery, Palisades Medical Center, University of Rochester, NY, Mount Nittany Medical Center, University of North Carolina, UPMC- Pittsburgh, PA, Mary Hitchcock-Darthmouth Memorial Hospital.

Permanent Makeup Training Program

Many medical practices include permanent make up in their repertoire for the convenience of their patients and to greatly increase their profit margins. These services can become an enormous profit center as you can see in the box below.

Eyebrows are the most requested procedure in permanent makeup. Most women (all ages) have over-tweezed, over-waxed or simply find their eyebrows have thinned out. These women are adding to or drawing on a complete eyebrow everyday and sometimes, two to three times each day. Your patients will greatly benefit from this procedure as well as permanent eyeliner that frames the eyes with color and will never smear and permanent lip color that brightens up one’s face and redefines lips.

Patients on chemotherapy or who have had chemotherapy often suffer permanent eyebrow loss and benefit greatly from permanent eyebrows. This procedure can be life-changing for a patient with Alopecia Totalis, as well.

Potential Annual Income Based on Conservative Figures
– Income based on Procedures Per Week

Cost/Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedures 4 Procedures 6 Procedures 10 Procedures
 $550  $27,500  $55,000  $110,000  $165,000  $275,000
 $650  $32,500  $65,500  $130,000  $195,000  $325,000
 $800  $40,000  $80,000  $160,000  $240,000  $400,000

Training & Equipment Package with Lease Financing Available for Medical Professionals Only!