Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm. Permanent makeup practitioners are asked on a daily basis if they perform Microblading. Register now and don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity to provide your clients with this beautiful and popular procedure.

Our 2-day hands-on Blade and Shade class teaches you techniques to create beautiful, natural-looking hair stroke brows utilizing the manual method with microblades and how to add depth and realism by adding shading with both manual and machine methods. This allows for greater definition and retention for clients requesting microblade and shaded brows.

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Models are provided for you. There is a 2-to-1 instructor to trainee ratio with certified experienced instructors.

In addition to learning this new technique, you will learn how to identify skin types to determine the best candidates for Microblading as well as those who are not candidates. You will also learn the various needle groups and how to select the best one for any skin type.

You have our support! We believe in an open door policy. Our Beau alumni can observe classes in the future, free of charge.

You will receive a Starter Kit as well as a Beau Microblading Certificate upon completion of the course.

A light breakfast and lunch is included.

The cost of this class is only $2,795.00.  It is held in our Cherry Hill, NJ location, conveniently located 25 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport.



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The class curriculum includes:

    • Proven Microblade techniques
    • Brow design for each facial shape
    • Color theory and color selection
    • Shading with microblade and machine
    • Color correction
    • The Fitzpatrick skin scale and skin types
    • How to identify skin problems that prevent good results from Microblading
    • The most effective Intake forms and after-care methods, which vary depending on skin type

Prerequisite: You must have previously completed a primary training course.

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“During Microblading training, I learned a lot of really useful techniques, as well as additional training on color theory. This course was very hands-on, and I now feel more confident in using this technique on my own!”

 Christina D.

“The Beau Institute Microblading course was very helpful! Maria was a wonderful instructor, and I think Beau is very lucky to have her — a very patient and caring woman.”

 Lisa R.

“The teachers here are so supportive and helpful. They thoroughly prepare you for your career.”

 Carole R.