Discover the needle configuration that feels most comfortable for you to produce your best results.
Contains 10 needles: two .25 1RL, two 0.30 1RL, and one of each of .35 1RL, .25 3RL, .25 3 RS, .25 5RS, .25 7CM and .25 9CM.

Designed by Tina Davies to bring you the best results, our needles are sharp, easy-to-use and designed specifically for demanding artists who want the best in precision, quality, and comfort. Acting like brushes, our needles are flexible, yet gentle – providing maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. Made to fit rotary-style machines, the precise tip and unique finger rests help you tattoo with ease to achieve pixel-perfect deposit each and every time.

The Sampler Pack is a variety of our 10 needle configurations that allow you to complete pixel-perfect fine details to soft shading and more coverage. Use the smaller sizes such as the 1RL, 3RL, 3RS or 5RS for smaller and more detailed work and the larger sizes 7CM and 9CM for more coverage and efficiency. Your choice of needles will be based on your personal preference, skin conditions, and design demands.

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